Tuesday, October 11, 2011

National coming out day

It is national coming out day and yes there is a national coming out day.

To me this descion is a very personal one and nobody should be subjected to an "outing".

My coming out story was an outing in sense and I didnt deny it. I think because I was basically tired of keeping it a secret. My friends knew but my family did not. I told my mother first and it wasnt a great reaction. I moved away and kept my distance for a while.
My mother needed time to come to terms with it and eventually she came around. We have a very good relationship and she has accepted it.
To me it really wasnt a big deal now that I look back...however it was at the time.

Like they say...it gets better!

Thank god for Dan Savage creating the It gets better campaign. It gives hope to LBTG teens. That makes me very happy because a lot of us in my generation had no one to look up to. It is a wonderful thing....thank you Dan savage!

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