Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas draws near

I am trying to make the most out of Xmas this year. I never really have been one that gets too excited about this holiday but I try to feel the spirit.
I am not going home again this year which I am dissappointed about but it is hard making rent and living on your own...gotta pay the rent.

I have pretty much gotten all the gifts done with the exception of my friends that are very hard to buy for...I always get stumped when it comes to them.

Although I wont be spending the holiday at home with the family, I will be joining a good friend and her great family. It isnt the same but these people are pretty awesome.

I am still single so not having a special someone to spend it with is a let down but whatever, it is all good. I am thankful that I am in a good place in my life and that is really all that matters.

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful holiday season!!!


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