Saturday, April 7, 2012


I havent been blogging lately, guess I have had nothing really to talk about.
I have been very busy with work. The restaurant is always full of some kind of drama.

I was seeing this guy for a while then he decided he was in love with someone else. I had to force that out of him too. I told him to be real and honest with me. Are we still in high school? Whatever...I am not suprised, as most of you know I have a shitty track record with men. I really liked this one and for a moment I was having day dreams of us actually having a life I am delusional.

Enough about that. It is finally getting nice here in Seattle, finally. Winter here has been very cold and wet. Hell, one day it decided to rain, then snow, then get sunny, then rain, then that order. So odd!!!

A co-worker and I have decided to have a dry month. It is a detox for the whole month of April. I am on my 8th day of no drinking. I have to say it was pretty hard the first few days. It is easy to fall into a routine and that routine involves drinking.
I feel good about it, I fell better and it definitely was time to do this.

I am still planning a trip back home this summer, if I can ever get time off and have enough money saved up to do it. It's just hard living by yourself and trying to save money.

Anyways, I hope you all have a great Easter weekend!


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