Monday, July 23, 2012


I have an aquarium with a pair of spotted corey catfish. I have had these catfish many times in the past when I had aquariums and apparently I have gotten 2 love birds. They are constantly mating, which is really odd to see, I might add.

They have been laying eggs all over the tank. I have tried to assemble a make-shift nursery and tried to extract the eggs. I had 3 hatch but they did not survive. They do this once a week and none are surving due to the fact I have 2 pleco's in the tank that I am sure are eating the eggs.

Here are some pics of it...nature fascinates me...

You can see the parents peeking out and there are the eggs on the side of the tank. I have never seen catfish breed like this in my life. I guess I got a very compatible pair.

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