Monday, July 23, 2012


So if anyone knows me, they know I have been awaiting this final installment of the Dark Knight. My favorite character has always been Catwoman. I love the dynamic between her and Batman. How she is the same yet so different in her ways of justice. Not really bad but not all that good either. How they are in love but can't really ultimately be together. I have a pretty good idea that Nolan really explored this relationship between the two and it was going to be epic.

This movie has been mostly ruined due to the crazy fuck who decided to shoot up a theatre and claim he was the Joker. I, like the rest of us hope you rot in hell for what you have done.

I watched an interview of a man who was there and was shot. He thought he was going to perish. After all of this he said he could not understand how someone could have so much hatred inside them, how this person went through his daily life feeling that way. He said he forgave him for his actions.

This really blew my mind...that takes a lot of strength and courage to forgive someone who is so deranged. I respect that.

So I think I will wait to see this movie. After all, it is just a movie but it was one I was really looking forward to.

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