Friday, July 13, 2012

What's new pussycat?

Life is a little challenging lately. I made a descion to change jobs. Although I am learning new things at this new manager gig, I am unfortunately not making enough money to sustain myself and it really sucks.
You get used to making a certain amount of money and when it isnt there anymore it is very hard to adjust.
I am seeking other oppurtunities as we speak and hope something better comes along.

I have a friend in turmoil right now. She is dealing with a suicide and it is pretty hard. I knew the person who took their life, I did not know him very well. He was a nice guy who was depressed. I wonder if people really think about the people they leave behind when they do this, or if they just can't see it. It is tough no matter how you look at it. I feel for her family.
He enjoyed taking photographs of cityscapes and nature. I have 2 of his photographs in my apartment and I will always think of him when I look at them. It is very sad.

I really beleive that these solar flares are effecting all of us. I have seen people acting so strangely in the last 2 weeks. Doing things completely out of charachter, you can't help but wonder if its because of this electro magnectic solar flares effecting all of us.
They say it will not destroy us but will effect us all in different ways, some say this energy could be beneficial to us. Something to ponder....

I hope some of you that I blogged with our still out there. I know I don't post a lot on here like I used to but it is nice to hear from you out there.


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