Friday, August 17, 2012

Glo fish

As you may or may not know, someone decided it would be a great idea to genetically modify fish to glow iridescent. They started with the zebra danio, a very hardy schooling fish. They are a pretty healthy fish and are very resilient.
I don't agree with this practice of modifying a species, however I was curious and decided to get a couple. I had 2 die, not sure why, they just stopped eating.
One, a bright yellow one was thriving, he acts like a complete asshole, very aggressive to to the other fish in the tank.
So, doing my research I found that danios are a basic "schooling" fish and act differently in numbers or pairs. I decided to get a few more and once again one died. One survived and is doing quite well. After adding the others to the tank, he calmed down for a while, then he back attacking the other fish. I decided to set up my other tank and let them live with goldfish. He is still a little aggressive, even with the goldfish.
Today I was looking in the tank and the other one who is purple is looking like it is pregnant...interesting.

Danios are egg layers, so I doubt these eggs will survive, as there are goldfish in the tank, they will eat everything in sight. I may be wrong but I guess I will find out if I see eggs.

If you do get these fish remember they are going to best with their own "freakish" species. I do not recommend placing them with any other kind of fish besides, plecos or bottom catfish...they stay way from them.

They are also starting to "create" these fish in other species and it seems to be a trend in pet stores. I can't say I agree with this practice, it is screwing with the natural world...

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