Thursday, January 10, 2013

Animated films

I have caught a few animated films lately, a few I liked and one not so much.

First, Starship troopers INVASION. The animation looked like a video game and I was not a fan. There were parts of it that looked really cool and life like. Generally it had too much of a bad video game feel. It was very adult with language and even T n a. It was ok but nothing amazing.

This batman flick was very well done. The animation and story was right on, I enjoyed this.

Justice League CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS. I also enjoyed this film. Real animation, great story and it was very entertaining. This one is one to watch!

Superman vs. the Elite. This was your typical Superman story line, there were parts that were cool. Lois Lane was great in this one. The animation looked a little anime at times, it was not horrible but nothing amazing.

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