Friday, January 11, 2013

Gaylord mansion

A friend on Facebook posted this pic last month. This is the gaylord mansion in Nora Springs, Iowa. When we were rambunctious teenagers we all would come out to this spot and try and enter the house. It was always rumored to be haunted, etc. Nothing ever happened but still it was scary to certain of us. It was like a thing every kid heard about it and wanted to do. Someone has completely cleaned it all out, you never could see a clear view to the building because of all the over growth. It looks like someone has taken the time to clean it all up and who knows maybe they have plans to fix it up. There will be a lot of work to fix it up, the floors were caving in and you had to watch your step when you went in there. Apparently it was used in the underground railroad back in the day.
Good luck to anyone who is tackling this restoration...

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Anonymous said...

What you should really do is the Gaylord Bridge. All the spooks.