Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My little hobby

This is my little 5 gl fluval chi, a cute little tank. I advise not putting goldfish in this tank, as they are a very dirty fish and you constantly have to rinse the filter.

This is my 10 gallon. I have had this tank the longest. I have 2 frogs, 9 tetras, a pair of breeding spotted corey catfish, 2 angels and 1 pleco. The pleco likes to hide in the sponge bob house, he is shy most of time. I love this tank and it has the blue led light for night time, very pretty.

This is my latest tank, the fluval 12 gallon. I could not find it in stores so I had to order it online. It is a very cool tank with led and a night time led as well. I have one angel who was the survivor of about 10 that I tried when I first got the tank. The angel has grown quite a bit and I just got a little black one as a companion. I have 3 jewel cichlids (Although I think they are another species) they are very inquisitive and fight a little with each other. I have 1 frog, a pair of spotted corey catfish, 1 pleco and a black ghost. The ghost is so cool to watch, they are so strange! If you look closely in the log you can see his tail. He does not come out much during the day.

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