Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Paranormal apps

I downloaded a few paranormal apps on my phone a while ago for fun. I am a sucker for the paranormal and the mystery of what is on the other side, so of course I got these to check them out.

This the "Ghost board" Basically the same premise as the ouija board, you place your thumbs on the blue points and it will eventually spell things out by itself. After it spells a word it will say it too, in a creepy robot voice...eerie.

This is "Ghost radar" which pretty much means what it says. It apparently scans the area around you for different frequency levels and paranormal presences. It will also spell out words that are at times creepy...

The next I tried is the iovilus, which is a little like the others only this one just scans and it will spell and say random words. Sort of the like the "Ghost box" from paranormal shows, if you watch them you know what I mean. It is all very random but it can be a little spooky.

All and all these apps are for fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Try them for free if you want and who knows you could use them on your next ghost hunt!

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