Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blog O sphere

It seems lately that there are not a lot of people blogging anymore. My blog is around 10 years old, granted I have a few hiatus here and there. At one time I had a readership of around 75 to 100 a day.
Since the popularity of Facebook, it seems this # has gone way down.
I have always liked doing my blog, I find it a unique outlet to express myself and be a little creative. To share things that I love, that I like, what I am passionate about.
I haven't had a comment on any of my posts for quite except one personal friend recently.
Commenting can be very unconvienent, you have to sign in with your google id then go through a captcha, that is quite annoying, I will admit that.
If anyone has any ideas on how to increase traffic, let me know, I would appreciate.
If you are still with me, I do appreciate you! So, thanks again!

Blog on bloggers!

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