Friday, March 14, 2014

Demon bank

There was a bank in my hometown that was said to be possessed by demonic activity.The bank was built from marble and had about 3 drive thru areas.
When they constructed it the marble looked normal, after some time images began to form in the marble.
A priest was in the drive thru and began freaking out, sweating, etc. Rumor has it anyways. The electronics, machines and lights were always malfunctioning. They ended up coling the bank and they actually tore it down, it's now a parking lot.
A friend of mine were just talking about the other day and we were wondering if anyone had pictures of the marble images. To my surprise, a FB friend actually posted a pic of one the images of the Demon in the marble, which I remember was the most prominant image. Check it out...

you can clearly see the image of the demon in the marble. There were also other images of a knife in blood and a skull if I remember correctly.
Crazy huh? 

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