Sunday, July 17, 2011


I am still trying to get my brain around the fact that the United States may indeed default on our national debt. Granted we all have known it was an insane amount for a long time and yet nobody really seems to be doing anything about it.
Given that it is a somewhat complicated issue, I for one can't stand to debate politics because it frustrates me, I am a little frightened to think about what will happen next.

My mother is 65 and on SSI disability benefits. Her heath is to the point she can't work, where does this leave her if they decide to pull benefit checks by August 1st...and not just my mother but the people in this fine country that depend on this to live. All hell will break loose.
I will have to do what it takes to try and support her halfway across the country.

This country has been so worried about giving others assistance that we have let OUR OWN people go without. What is wrong with that scenario?
It's a wonderful that we do help others in need, it's what makes us a stronger and compassinate people, with that being said...we have a need here and we need to get this in check before we lose everything!

I won't talk anymore about this subject. I hope that we can come to a descion so these things won't happen. I for one am scared to think what the future will bring, it may be changes we may not want to face. I guess I am angry that the warning signs have been there for years yet our government continues to spend wildly. We have to start settling this debt or we may not be on top anymore and that my friends is a very dismal prospect.

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