Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Start

Hello fellow bloggers and readers!

I have taken quite the hiatus as some of you may know, if anyone really follwed my site that it is. I deleted my blog. I just thought it was time for a fresh start. I don't live the most exciting life but I did enjoy blogging once in my life and I have missed it.

So here we are...a new start to share my thoughts, views, music and whatever comes to mind really. I don't expect to have the readers/followers I had years ago but it does'nt really bother me as I am just doing this for fun.

I am still living in Seattle, Washington. I like it for the most part, there are some things I really dislike about this city but I think the pros out weigh the cons. I am proud of my independance and I am doing it on my own, not completely though...I am greatful for the few great people I have in my life.
I am not sure if I can see myself staying here for the long term but you never know. I have been at the same job for the last 2 years and I am liking it still. I do enjoy my job even with the constant change that sems to happen quite frequently.
I am single and have been for a while now. There are times when I hate being single, loneliness can be a bitch. However there are times when I LOVE being single and free. I am not really looking for love, I don't think that works. I have never been lucky in love so why would that change....some things never do.

Life is good and I need to let go of the small shit and realise that Life is life. It's hard and most of the time it is'nt easy. I still have my insecruities and vulnerable weaknesses. I have learned alot in my life on this planet. It's a crazy world we live in and the future seems uncertain at times. All we can do is live our life and hopefully find some sort of happiness in a world that is so full of confusion.

That is all for now.

Here is to a new chapter to my planet and as always I hope you enjoy my blog!


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